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VR section?


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Hi @Zokomokoko, thanks for the input!

At the moment everything is categorised into site/studio formats where you can try and find what you are looking for relating to said industry and site/studio. I had a quick glance and there are atm 3 sections offering VR; BadoinkcashNaughty America VR and JAV VR. These are pretty obvious and easy to get to from the main page with a click of a button. Are you suggesting to have a VR section, then a sub section with said categories? 

It's just having everything under a site/studio, it keeps things neat and organised and easy to get to. At the moment, things are displayed with the intent of the user not having to scavenge through loads of videos & places to achieve their end goal. 😉 

We should ask the professional what they think, isnt that right? @theqwertyqwert :classic_laugh:

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You can also use the VR tag to get all VR scenes

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34 minutes ago, Zokomokoko said:

I think we need vr section, nearly had 200 + videos, it's gonna be so easy to find same folder. Thx. 

@harry_sexy has already mentioned a few sub-forums that already exist for VR content.

I know there are also quite a few VR scenes posted under Other Videos From Porn Networks (Not snapchat etc) as well. They will most likely get their sub-forums when enough content has been posted for each site.

I am also of the opinion that it's better to remain consistent and follow the Networks & Sites structure to organise content. We should rely on tags for VR content as already stated by @theqwertyqwert. A search for the tags: vr, virtual reality, virtual, reality; yields 227 results at the time of writing. Obviously, this approach will only remain effective if all content contributors tag the posts accordingly. Consequently, I suggest an amendment to Posting Guidelines to mandate the use of "vr" and "virtual reality" tags for such content.

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As mentioned the Networks & Sites structure will remain as is, with an exception for Jav which currently has a sub-forum with only vr porn (VR Only) because of the current lack of structure with networks. I will make a change to the Posting Guidelines about the usage for "vr" tags.

EDIT: Also in case you find a VR post without the tag either tell the uploader by tagging them in a reply or report the post and enter "No vr tag".

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