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How to play VR videos from mega.Nz application?


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Hello everyone, 

I really enjoy to watch VR videos from Samsung smart phone via Samsung Gear Vr. 

But video sizes are so big to store at phones SD card. One video nearly 5-10 GB, i bought 2 512GB SD card, nearly 1 TB but it's not enough. 

I wanna ask is there any way to open this videos from mega application's folder? I click vr videos setting to open with options then it asked to me whick application do you want open with? I choose Samsung vr application, it's says you have to connect phone to gear vr device, that's what I want 🙂 when I connect to phone to device Samsung vr application starts but video is not starts, default page is coming to screen.


Did you recommend anything? 


Thx for reading 

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