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CRC errors in split video RAR files


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I've been trying to rip a video from Rapidgator using Reevown and reuploading to Mega; however, I've hit a roadblock. The video only comes in either 2 parts or 3 parts; however, only Part 1 comes back with a viewable video file. The others come back with CRC error.

The working Part 1 video files, while only containing parts of the main file, says it's 31 mins long - even if they only contain data up to the 10 minute or 20 minute mark. The rest is unviewable; I assume it's because the starting segments don't have any data. I'm at my wit's end trying to create a seamless video file; what do I do? I've gone through so many scam "Rar Repair" and "Video Repair" exes and I don't know what to do. Should I post the links and let someone else with the right tools have a crack, or can someone please help me?

7zip shows that Part 1 comes back as 100% clean while Part 2 comes back as 24% - part 2 is 652 mb out of the total 2.64 gb.

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All good, turns out I just had to dump them all in the same folder and extract using 7zip. Now that it's done, how would I go about mirroring Megalinks?

And I've saved a bunch of .rar Mega files from hotpornfile; I don't have the bandwidth (or upload speed above 50 - 500 kbps) to convert them to mp4. Could someone else do that if I provided the links in a post?


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Create an mega account and upload using their tool megasync (it supports resume uploads) So it can upload whenever you on the computer. Then share/post the link 

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