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Forum Wide Rules!


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General Rules

  • You're only allowed to post in English.
  • No racism or political slurs. Respect your fellow members, don't be disrespectful.
  • No violent, underage, or otherwise illegal pornographic material is allowed. Posting such material will result in a ban.
  • The profile/cover picture also has the follow the above rules. If Staff deems the picture to inappropriate, they may replace it. If you then change back to the old picture it will result in warning points.
  • Don't troll and don't feed the trolls. If someone is trolling report the post, do not continue the conversation.
  • If something makes you question if it's allowed or not, then it probably isn't. Then it's better to ask Staff before doing it.
  • If you see someone breaking the rules report them using the "Report post" which is located in the top right corner of the post.
  • Requests are only allowed in the Request Thread, but before you make a request read the Request Rules.

Posting Etiquette

  • Every upload should be using MEGA, exceptions can be made.
  • Don't advertise other websites, services, products or link to other website without consent.
  • Read Posting Guidelines for in dept details.

Warning System

  • Unused or inactive accounts may be deleted.
  • You are only allowed to have one account.
  • The Staff may delete/edit post or remove members if needed.
  • If a member continuously violate our rules, then that member will be banned. It's up to the Staff to decide if a member crossed the line.
  • Staff always have the final say. If you don't agree with something the Staff decided contact another staff member (Don't do it for petty stuff).

Link sharing and Uploads

  • Download links not uploaded by yourself should never be shared outside of this website. You will be banned when caught. You're also not allowed to ask other users to give you links from a member that has blocked you. (Evading block)
  • The upload on this forum should be your own uploads and not copied/imported from another website. For public/imported links post them only in Public Mega links.


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Update 19 September


Link to request rules and thread is now included, and some smaller rewordings have been made to the rules.


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