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[FTVgirls] Allie [1080p] [6.09Gb]

Guest TheUnnamedFeeling

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Guest TheUnnamedFeeling



We have this totally cute, petite, blue-eyed teen with such a gorgeous mix to her -- and gifted with a very sexual, exhibitionist nature! We first meet her at a popular part, seeing her in a pretty pink summer dress and white panties underneath... She introduces herself, with that cute voice of hers, and teases up her skirt and down her blouse... what a firm butt too! Soon enough she's got her panties aside rubbing herself, fingering and showing off her prominent clit! Back home she strips down to music, dancing away and having fun. Warming up with a vibrator, she moves to the Vibraking Toy, and surprises herself with three strong orgasms (and many vaginal contractions) and multiple heavy squirts! She's never squirted that much in her life, but she's loving it! We get extreme closeups of her privates, and prominent clit (its so big and swollen!) and watch her finger her wetness. Then she tries the Big Ten Toy, fucking herself as deep as she can, especially when its time to ride it! Notice how tight and petite her vagina is, using actual force to get it in her. Later in the day, she puts on some workout clothes and goes to a hiking trail for some rock climbing. Without panties, we get good shots of her privates, until she's doing it all bottomless too! Right on the rocks, she fingers herself, then pulls beads out of her vagina!! Back home, she puts on sexy heels that match the summer squash she's about to use -- that thing is so wide she struggles to push it in! Notice how her vagina expands with the pressure. Then she uses the Big Glass Ball Toy, and tries stretching herself out some more, then uses the Vibraking for more squirting orgasms! She also gapes her tight vagina as wide as she can... Wearing cute short shorts and wedges, she teases us some more before going to the Mall for some shopping, and records herself masturbating in the change room. After a little pee session by the pool, she uses the Vibraking once again for more multiple squirts, getting her butt all wet! Notice how wet she sounds when she fingers herself. After a little shower, we get to enjoy her perky nipples... Enjoy this spunky, fun, supercute teen, she's another fun and erotic update for FTV 🙂






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