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Rose Monroe - MegaPack (720-4k) [228GB]


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Many years ago, I met a stranger, it’s was an old looking man with long beard and scars. He told me he wanders on this land among dead and alive, he is only a seer that guides lost people

and the day of Ragnarok is coming

he told me that there were three major events that will open the skies and bring an army of Valhalla warriors

1)first event will occur in a middle of an earth, in the desert, where people live without rain. He called them Iranians, they will rebel against their biggest enemy. Against people who will be led by an actor from movie Home Alone 2. Their leader will have strong believes without logical bases. 
2) the second event will appear on an earth, surrounded by water, yet it will be on fire

3) last sign of ragnarok will be made in China, the only one thing they could do with a good quality

But this is not the end, Seer told me that I have to find a guy, a guy with a strong will and big heart, guy with a big capacity on his mega account. He told me that I can find him on a website with many leaches. He told me this guy will soon or late will post a pornstar packS, with a life changing folders, folders that will twist the history of the world and close the skies and will send back warriors to their battles

This guy is a chosen one, yet he chooses. And his reward for his actions and willingness to sacrifice will be 1,000 pornstars and an endless pack of cialis

yet this is not the end of his journey, there are many porn stars that wants to be shared, among dead and alive

P.S. Just a seer asked me, if it’s possible to make packs for Iampreston’s favorites pornstars

And I am only passing the message of a seer

thank you for your hard work and patience 

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