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Any workaround for 'Skipped: Account Missing' errors for large files on JDownloader?


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Any workaround for 'Skipped: Account Missing' errors for large files on JDownloader?

This seems to occasionally appear on some files over 6Gb, due to size restrictions on free accounts.

Currently only workaround seems to be to try through the chrome browser and hope that the download continues after the free cap and wait time, but would be great if anyone knows a workaround.

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It's a known problem, it's on their bugtracker for quite some time but so far, there hasn't been any progress..

I usually keep files > 5GB in my download queue, somewhere near the top. Occasionally Mega doesn't seem to enforce the limit and JDownloader will download even much larger files (had some 22GB recently) without a problem. Having the large ones at the top makes JDownloader try to download those before it downloads smaller files.

If I'm impatient, I use Chromium. I then do something that is similar to this: Start the download, wait until almost 5GB have been transferred, pause the download, reconnect the internet in the router, resume download for another almost 5GB, reconnect again, ... This way it is possible to download large files without long waits and without having to restart Chromium. Not great but better than having to wait and restart the browser, possibly losing progress. Note that this only works if you are assigned a different IP address with each reconnect.

In practice I actually use a much more complicated setup that actually doesn't require reconnecting. However, as it is not meant to bypass the large-file problem, it would be OT here.

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Use megasync to download those. works like a champ. just don't exit the program until its done, theres no resume feature. i just queue up oversized ones and then let it run. the reason that Jdownloader occasionally works is that mega provides bandwidth based on overall network use. 


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