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How do you take screencaps throughout a video?


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15 hours ago, Baxzors said:

This is the program I personally use, it works very well.

Thank you so much! I did see this post previously but for some reason I thought it was something like photoshop to make video thumbnails for YouTube or something and now it makes a lot more sense! Thank you for contributing this program and for your help!

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6 hours ago, Mr Porn said:

I use GFrameCatcher on linux. There was another one I used to use for windows, but I've forgotten the name of it since then.

Thanks for the suggestion, I use a Windows system, but all the same I really appreciate the suggestion of a program to use!

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  • 2 years later...

i use potplayer and auto movie thumbnailer, both on windows.

i would say potplayer is the easiest to use as a noob, even though i just started using it. it's really simple. press ALT + n after opening potplayer to open the thumbnail options menu.

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