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Updates to Sets - Request/Non Request?


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I've looked everywhere I can think.  I haven't found the information.  But say I was gonna ask if certain sets/content would get an update, would that fall under requests?


I ask because, well, it wouldn't fit the criteria rules/template set by @Baxzors.  I won't mention which sets I'm looking for so this won't seem like a way to circumvent the rules, but feel free the delete this post if you find it distasteful.


Basically was looking for updates to sets posted here before.  Additionally looking to request ManyVids/OnlyFans sets rather than certain scenes.  How would one go about this fairly?


Thanks all.

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@mudderbitch Since everything on ManyVids are videos, you can request them as normal in the request thread.
Regarding OnlyFans, you can, for now, include in the request that you are looking for an update to the following OnlyFans and state that the existing on the forum is outdated.

If the pressure was greater in the request thread, then my answer might have been different regarding OnlyFans, but this works for now.

Remember to read the request rules before making a request 🙂

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Great! Thank you @Baxzors, I'm gonna assume that a request for New OnlyFans sets would also fall in the request thread as well - just minus the mention of it being an update to a prior.


Thank you

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