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Megakeep. An Uploaders Fools Guide for Preventing Uploads from being Deleted due to Inactivity.


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Introduction: I notice a lot of content on here have DEAD/Removed Links or empty Mega folders which due to Mega Deleting files due to inactivity of Mega Accounts. As an uploader myself I've been using this guide from the snahp.it forums to prevent my mega links from going dead due to inactivity. If you check most of my older posted content uploaded here, links are still alive after 2 years. [This does not protect against people sharing links and reporting/flagging your links]

A Fools Guide to using Megakeep (Thanks tituspullo from snahp for guide and pics)

Download MegaCMD
Install (desktop)



Download Mimccann's MegaKeep 7zip
Install (desktop) / Run



Create txt file, Save to Megakeep folder "Mega Accounts txt" (Notepad++)
Mimccann's Version


Run MegaCmd


Load txt MegaKeep



Run Megakeep


If using Mimccann version be sure to load correct file ; instead of :

Log File created in Megakeep folder


Login confirmation


You may get the occasional "email:password" that doesn't want to play, if so try changing password to that particular account, if still no joy remove it from list as it will cause Megakeep to hang and fail to complete login/out.

Tested and run successfully on 776 accounts without a problem


Then set up to run automatically using TASK SCHEDULER or setup a reminder.

You probably have some email address that will cause it to hang, these need to be found and taken out of the equation.

Be sure to run this once every 5-6 months to keep your accounts active.





This guide is to help Uploaders prevent their uploads from being deleted due to inactivity.

Another guide (not sure if this works or not) for keeping accounts active this method.

1. Open a private /incognito window


2. Create or login to your mega account in your private window. Then Exit/close your private window while still being logged into your mega account


3. Relog in to check if you have an active session status which appears to have logged in.



I hope this helps uploaders on here to preserve and prevent their links/uploads for being deleted from MEGA due inactivity. [This does not protect against people sharing links and reporting/flagging your link]

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