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Wanted - A windows app or powershell script to add 1-10 byte/s to a file to alter md5/sha


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Title says it all.

What is happening is I am acquiring a ton of my files from the same locations as some massive sharers on telegram, these are then being replicated across 100001 tele channels and are then dying quickly.

What I am wanting to do is download the files, run them thru an app or more preferably a PS script which will add a few bytes to the file which will in turn alter its hash.

What is happening is that mega kills off the files in one persons mega account, it then kills off that specific md5 hash across its entire server farm. this is why occasionally you will see files which look like they are there but you cant download them. If i can alter the hash then the files wont die.

Just throwing this out there as I used to have a custom rapidget script which did this like 15 years ago but thats long since gone.

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you can use ffmpeg with ffprobe to cut last some seconds of the video

this also changes the md5/sha checksum hash of the file

more info on how to trim



how to get md5/sha hash




the hashes changed for me by doing that, but you can verify it by checking once yourself as well.

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This all came about coz I was sourcing alot of stuff from the same places as these mass spammer telegram accounts are doing.
I see tons of them duplicating everyone elses content and before long its dead.

I have been looking into this and I reckon I can get this done using a google drive/google colab and a few bash commands.
So instead of bunging stuff up to mega, ill bung them onto a google drive, alter the hashes then sync them over to mega.
I'm about 90% of the way to doing this ATM, just ironing out a few kinks and prettying my scripts up to accept bulk edits/syncs.

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